Talkin Tower (TnT)

$1,160.00 Excluding GST


Introducing Padmans “Talkin Tower” a.k.a the TnT. Developed for the row cropping market bringing precision alerts for your farm, ensuring perfect irrigation events every time.

Place the TnT in the furrow at the point where you now check to ensure an irrigation complete event. Adjust the TnT to suit your required water depth and then go and get on with other Jobs knowing that your irrigation is being monitored.

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Product Description

  • Smart phone APP to integrate TnT with your other Padmans Automation solutions.
  • Flexibility to set Height of water(depth) and place of water.
  • Device status display giving you the confidence to know the system is working.
  • SMS alerts straight to your phone.
  • Take advantage of Padmanstops M2M sim management service. No more talking to Telstra!
  • Telstra’s NB-IOT network integration gives you network connectivity coverage not available on any other cellular network. Better than 3G/4G it removes the frustration of current known coverage blackspots.
  • Fully equipped LoRa modem to integrate with Padmans 2019 Automation system. In the future say Goodbye to sim cards.
  • Robust powder coated All Aluminum construction.