Padman Stops is a manufacturer of precast irrigation gates and irrigation automation for the surface irrigation / flood irrigation industry.


From humble beginnings, working out of his back shed, John Padman has set out to revolutionise the flood irrigation industry with his inventions, research and sound farm planning advice.
In the 25 years since Padman Stops was launched, the business has grown to incorporate a factory in Strathmerton, northern Victoria.


This is where John and his team now produce the company’s key product, the Padman Stop – a 100% watertight rubber flap precast irrigation gates set in a concrete structure which simplifies automatic gravity flow watering turning inefficient flood irrigation into efficient surface irrigation.

portable timer3

Portable irrigation automation is another key product which saves the farmer time when added to the precast irrigation gates. Over recent years, the company has also carried out on-site trials, experimenting and documenting a technique known as Fast Watering.

Fast Watering_sml

Fast Watering is the product of John’s research into irrigation efficiency following the 2003 drought. The Fast Watering project, which is based on the tenet that irrigating faster than the water can soak below the root zone will result in higher efficiency and increased crop productivity, presents a tool for controlled application irrigation. It is a technique currently being trialled, with alarming success, by farmers throughout northern Victoria.


With its advances in flood irrigation technology and Fast Watering, Padman Stops is steadily working towards its goal of cementing its place as a leader in the flood irrigation / surface irrigation industry. The company strives to educate farmers on advances to be made in on-farm efficiency, irrigation automation as well as filling the gaps in existing research in the field of flood irrigation / surface irrigation.


Padman Stops is pioneering a new series of new technology for flood irrigators, and is a knowledge centre for local farmers seeking farm planning advice.

For your innovative irrigation solutions, precast irrigation gates and portable irrigation automation visit John, Shawn or Bruce at the Padman Stops factory 4948 Murray Valley Highway Strathmerton or call us today on 03 58745282.