Goulburn Valley Crane Trucks (G.V.C.T.)

G.V.C.T. have been delivering Padman Stops pre-cast Irrigation gates from day 1 all across the nation, they also have a great knowledge of our local areas as well as our interstate neighbours.

A Pallet - B3, B4, E3 & E4 Stops

6 Stops per pallet

$230.00 + GST

B Pallet - B6 & E6 Stops

6 Stops per pallet

$330.00 + GST

C Pallet - Culvert Wing & Culvert Lid

5 Stops per pallet

$360.00 + GST

D Pallet - D3, D4 & D6 Multi Stops

5 Stops per pallet

$250.00 + GST

EL Pallet - E8, D6, D6L Multi Stops

5 Stops per pallet

$650.00 + GST

W Pallet - S/Wing, L/Wing, D6M Buttress Wing, 1200 Maxi Wing, OS Wing

S/Wing, L/Wing, D6M Buttress Wing = 8 Stops per pallet
1200 Maxi Wing, OS Wing = 5 Stops per pallet

$210.00 + GST

WL Pallet - 1800 Maxi Wing, D6M Erosion Wing

1800 Maxi Wing, D6M Erosion Wing = 2 Sets per Pallet

$240.00 + GST

Steel Frame Pallets

The only way to transport our bay outlets and channel stops is by using our custom made steel frame pallets.

  • When transporting bay outlets, we can fit up to 6 bay outlets or 5 Channel stops on one of our custom-made steel frame pallets.
  • G.V.C.T, can lift off full pallets of stops, or alternatively place them individually around the property.
  • Bay outlets and Channel stops are priced per pallet.
  • A refundable deposit is put on pallets until they make it back to Padman Stops.
  • If pallets are not returned within 6 months of delivery a pallet refund doesn’t apply.

Steel Frame Pallet Collection

Pallets can be collected by G.V.C.T  for a minimal cost. Contact us for your free quote.