Rob Black irrigates approximately 600 of his 1500 Hectares on his property in Coleambally, NSW.

Eliminate Syphons with Automation

Shawn from Padman Stops speaks with Rob Black form Coleambally about his experiences with our Automation products. He uses our Portable Electronic Dual Timers (EDT’s) continually while irrigating and has great faith in our products. He also uses our SMS Chatterbox & Door Dropper with great results.

According to Rob, the 3 main benefits of using our Automation are:
1 – More Sleep – He doesn’t have to change syphons at night.
2 – More Productive – He can get work done elsewhere on his farm.
3 – Improved Yields – Fast watering has improved his yield by 20%.

Eliminate Syphons going Through-the-Bank

1 What is this layout?
2 How many syphons have you eliminated using Dropboxes?
3 What are the benefits of using timers?
4 Has your productivity increased since using Timers?
5 Are they easy to operate?
6 What are the 3 main benefits of our DropBox unit?
7 What are the 3 main benefits of going Thru-the bank?
A – I sleep at night. Very rarely do I get out of bed to water.
B – My time. I am productive during the day. I might only do 6-7 hours work but it’s more than when I was running syphons.
C – Fast watering has improved my yields by 20%. I’ve gone from 12 to 14 ½ ton average from last year.
8 What advice would you give anyone that was thinking about going with this system?