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Product Description

PE750 has been designed to suit a 750 mm MC concrete pipe and is also available for a large variety of smaller pipes with the smallest being 300 mm..

100% watertight reinforced rubber flap door and winch.

Easy to automate, transport and easy to install.

Door – 1200mm x 650mm deep – Drop Box – Overall Depth 1330mm

New Technology allows door to drop 200mm below sill level, to cut entry losses for more efficient flow rates.

Flow rate 32 to 34 ML/Day

Don’t forget to ask us about our 100% Watertight Rubber Ring join concrete pipe solution.

View Or Download PE750 Dimensions

View PE750 + 450mm pipe + 450mm Bubbler

View PE750 + 525mm pipe + 750mm Bubbler
View PE750 + 600mm pipe + 750mm Bubbler
View PE750 + 675mm pipe + 750mm Bubbler
View PE750 + 750mm pipe + 750mm Bubbler

View PE750 + 600mm pipe + 900mm Bubbler
View PE750 + 675mm pipe + 900mm Bubbler
View PE750 + 750mm pipe + 900mm Bubbler


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