Padman Box Culvert 1000 – WTDoor with Wings

$2,495.00 Excluding GST

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Padman’s Box Culvert 1000 – Watertight Door

Product Description

The PBC 1000 Water-Tight Door (WTD) includes a 1 metre deep water tight door, upstream rat wall, removable winch and a water level indicator.

This is the price for a single unit configuration with:

  • 100% Watertight Rubber Flap Door
  • PBC 1000 Upstream Anti-Erosion Wings (1 x pair)
  • PBC 1000 Upstream Rat Wall
  • Padman Winch

The PBC1000 can be multi-linked with additional PBC1000’s to meet your desired flow rate.

View PBC1000 Dimensions
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