Chatterbox PRO

$1,725.00 Excluding GST

Stress less with our Chatterbox PRO.
The rugged, yet lightweight unit sends you a text message when your irrigation reaches a pre-determined point, saving you water, time and money.
The Padman Stops app, combined with the latest tech network coverage, means you’ll always get reliable feedback.
Text the monitor for updates on battery level and signal strength at any time.
There is an annual low-fuss fee for the Chatterbox PRO of $75 per device.

Product Description

Are you tired of chasing water all day and night for fear of inefficient watering?

The Chatterbox PRO indicates when your Irrigation is completed by sending an SMS when your water reaches a defined spot down the bay.

The Chatterbox PRO can:
• Text up to four recipients.
• Flash a beacon for easy location
• Recharge enclosed Battery with integrated Solar Panel
• Be texted to indicate Battery & Signal strength

Take advantage of the new Padman Stops ‘M2M Sim Management’ service.
• No more frustrating Sim card account management
• Access network coverage not available on any other cellular network.
• Better than the 3G & 4G Networks
• Removes frustration of current known coverage blackspots.

There is an annual low-fuss fee of $75 per device for the Chatterbox PRO.

Have control at your fingertips
Monitor the status of your Padman Stops Automation with our new App.

The Chatterbox you want to hear from in the middle of the night!